My Story… so far

One of my earliest memories is the moment I discovered that actors were just people. For some innate reason, my mind assumed that actors were divine beings, chosen by some supernatural force, who were born into the art form. Even when I realized that acting was simply another career option, the arts was always heightened in a unique way in my mind. I was far too intimidated by performance and all of its power I experienced from it, yet I took to visual arts from a young age. I began to cultivate artistic knowledge, awareness, and a skill set that I continue to shape to this day. Drawing and painting has become a part of my artistic practice as well. I am an amateur visual artist, but I surely experience great joy and fulfillment by integrating it as a practice.

After the growing longing to join theatre grew too strong for fear to hold back, I joined theatre at school. From that moment, it has been a nonstop, jam-packed, wild ride of jumping in head first into the world of theatre. Growing up in Northeast Georgia, I soon found my way to the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta. Spending the majority of my high school years here, the Alliance offered me a myriad of programming, all of which I engaged in. Due to their valuing of community and lifting up unheard voices, the Alliance was the first place where I experienced how powerful, fulfilling, and steeped with goodness theatre can truly be.

I soon weaseled my way into my dream school, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. I spent my first two years getting my primary training at the Atlantic Acting School, building a strong foundation in Practical Aesthetics. The Fall Semester of my junior year brought another major milestone, studying abroad. I had the privilege of attending the Shakespeare in London program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. My time at RADA helped to cultivate a love for classical text which I will continue to train in as I plan to spend my senior year at NYU’s Classical Studio. I am attracted to classical text because of the intense, vibrating power it holds to both transcend and reveal time while supplying such vigorous and vibrant material as an actor.

While studying abroad in London did not supply much of a culture shock, it helped me to begin to pursue a long term goal of mine- to adopt a global mindset. From the age of eleven, I was first introduced to the non-profit organization Kids4Peace where I participated as a camper. This camp focused on bringing together youth from Israel, Palestine, and the United States from the three Abrahamic faiths in order to manifest a generation of changemakers. By participating and now working as staff, Kids4Peace has instilled me with a deep appreciation for and commitment to social justice work. I hope to work to use my power to uplift and make spaces for voices that have been muted while using my artistic voice to question, explore, and celebrate the intersections of conflict in the world and people through the stories they hold.